Massage Treatments

Sports Masaage is suitable for all levels of activity.  An athlete who's performance counts, a person running a marathan for the first time or just normal daily life can put stress and fatigue on our muscles.  


Benefits of Sports Massage


  • Muscle fatigue will be eliminated more rapidly.
  • Muscle soreness will be reduced.
  • A state of mental and physical relaxation will be achieved in which repair, recovery and wellbeing will be enhanced.
  • Muscles will be more supple and resilient.
  • Flexibility will be increased.
  • Training will be more consistent, with the reward of improved performance.
  • Body awareness will be enhanced.
  • Injuries will be prevented by keeping muscles balanced, relaxed and free of trigger points.
  • Muscle cell circulation, metabolism and nutrition for repair and growth will be increased.



Remedial Massage

When done properly, the deep massage stimulates circulation, increases lymph flow, breaks up fibrosis that binds or glues the muscle fibre to another, relaxes muscle spasms and relieves pain, all with just oil and professionally trained hands.  For an athlete where perfomance is important, remedial massage will search out the areas of bio-machanical stress in the muscles and relieve them before they become problematic, which will enable the athlete to train harder and more consistently.  45/60 minute treatment.


Injury Rehabilitation

This massage can reduce swelling and bruising, speed healing and increse your range of motion.  Create an appropriate scar which is strong yet does not interfere with your muscle's ability to broaden as it contracts.  This massage will eliminate areas of stress created through compensation of your injury, decrease pain, enhance nutrition, flexibility and vitality, thus hastening recovery and enabling muscles to function at their maximum after recovery.  30/45 minute treatment.


Trigger Point  Therapy

Sustained pressure to release areas of bio-mechanical stress.  These points are precursors to injury and become hypersensitive because of repetitive or stressful motion ot trauma.  They refer pain, so are often located outside the area of pain.


Lymphatic Drainage

This is a therapeutic massage treatment.  The massage uses very light pressure and long, gentle, rhthmic strokes to increase the  lymph flow and reduce toxins in the body.  This treatment helps in  Lymphedema.        30 minute treatment.


All  massages are done at home in my equipped private studio, although home visits can be arranged.  During each treatment comfort levels are disscussed and adapted to meet specific needs.



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Massage Treatments



NCFE Level 4 Personal Trainer,

ABC Level 3 Gym instructor,

ABC Level 3 Sports Injuries,

ABC level  3 Sports Massage,

Diploma Sports Psychology,

HABC Level 2 Paediatric First Aid.





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